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20 Years of Experience in the field of Interior designing and Renovation.


Competency gained by substantial knowledge acquired over two decades


Architecture Designing

  • Feasibility, Site Analysis
  • Concepts and Scheme
  • Statutory Drawings
  • Preparation of architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing and HVAC working drawings.
  • Calculating bill of quantities
  • Tendering
  • Selection of contractors
  • Scrutinizing & certification of interim bills produced by the contractor
  • Site monitoring at regular intervals
  • 3D representations

Interior Designing

  • Preparation of interior working drawings
  • Detailed drawings of:
    - Partition layout, Flooring layout, False ceiling layout, Lighting layout, Electrical layout, Plumbing layout, Air conditioning layout
  • Furniture designs & furnishings.
  • Calculating bill of quantities
  • Tendering
  • Selection of contractors
  • Site monitoring at regular intervals
  • 3D representations

Project Management

  • Preparation of bill of quantities (project architects scope)
  • Short listing vendors
  • Verifying of tender document (preparation & project architects scope)
  • Pre-bid meeting
  • Analysis of quotes / tenders
  • Preparing comparative statement
  • Negotiation
  • Letter of recommendation and tender report
  • Preparation of project schedule

Structure Designing

As structural engineers, we design, create, solve problems, innovate and use everyday mathematics and science to shape the world. The beauty we conceive is reflected in structures that we use daily; from houses, multiplex, hotels, Indoor stadiums and hospitals, to bridges, oil rigs and space satellites.

Structural engineers specialize in a range of fascinating areas including conservation, sustainability, seismic and humanitarian engineering. We also try to focus a lot on steel structures, keeping in mind the versatility and advantages of steel; such as its being environmental friendly, reusable, strong, durable, resistance to temperature and insect attacks, utility in fast construction and low maintenance.



Every successful project begins with great construction plans. From initial concept to spectacular completion, we offer turn-key services. You are assured unequaled excellence and unsurpassed value when you engage us to assist you. You will find us an able and invaluable partner for the work you plan.

Whether you are thinking of a commercial complex, apartment, a custom luxury home design, whole house renovation, or a second story addition, or even if you already have construction plans, we are uniquely positioned and qualified to deliver outstanding quality, on-time performance and on-budget completion.

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